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Jewish Heritage programs & tours
in Barcelona and Catalonia

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Barcelona's Jewish past

  • El Call, Jewish quarter: visit a remnant of the city's Jewish past, with comments on the area's history from its origins until the present
  • Oldest synagogue: fragments found and restored under the basement of a XVII century building, available to visitors and for Jewish ceremonies
  • Ancient Jewish cemetery on Montjuïc, declared a landmark site in 2009 at the petition of the local congregations and the civil society. After a long research, co-directed by Dominique Tomasov Blinder, you can now read about the Boundaries of Middle Ages Jewish Cemetery of Barcelona on Montjuïc
  • Tablets were used for construction and a few can be seen in buildings or in the City Museum, some dating back to the X century.
  • Visitors Center, a branch of the City History Museum opened in 2009 to offer information about the history of the neighborhood

Jewish quarter
Visiting the
Barcelona Call
Barcelona's ancient synagogue

  • The oldest synagogue in Barcelona reopens in 2002 after a long restoration process led by the Associació Call de Barcelona
  • Some remaining cellar structures, dating from the V to XV centuries, are located below the four flights built in the XVII century
  • A mezuzah from Israel, the 'hand dressed' Aaron HaKodesh; a menorah sculpted by artist Ferran Aguiló in Mallorca; a welcome inscription skillfully painted, and visitors from all over the world that will celebrate Judaism in this space
  • A joint effort to bring back the soul of the synagogue, honoring from now on the memory of Rabbi Shlomo ben Adret

ancient synagogue
Barcelona's ancient

Barcelona's Jewish present

  • Visit the Holocaust Memorial, dedicated on the 50th anniversary of the Shoah by the Jews of Barcelona
  • Exchange experiences with the local Jewish community. Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona (orthodox), the first community building in peninsular Spain since the expulsion of 1492; and Comunitat Jueva Atid de Catalunya, first reform congregation in the country
  • Visit the Chabad Lubavitch Center for Jewish Studies
  • Participate in shabbat services
  • Celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Chanukah, Tu Bishvat, Purim, Passover, Shavuot and Sukot
  • Come to the International Jewish Film Festival organized every spring
  • Attend recitals of Ladino and Klezmer music
  • Visit Call Barcelona wines & books, recently inaugurated, only judaica store of its kind in Spain
  • Learn about Librería Europa, neo-Nazi publisher, sued by both the local Jewish community and the SOS Racism organization
  • Meet Jewish artists, poets, musicians, photographers, designers
  • Take a cooking class and enjoy a meal with Sephardic recipes you prepare yourself
Shoah Memorial
Holocaust Memorial,

Purim celebration
Purim in Barcelona

jewish art
Light of Forgotten Stars, Anna Sper

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