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Barcelona Jewish Tours

Revisiting Jewish heritage in Barcelona
and the memory of Sepharad

During the Middle Ages Jewish life flourished in Sepharad as perhaps nowhere else. Jews were totally integrated, in the Call of Barcelona or the juderias of Cordoba and Toledo; in the cabalistic circles of Gerona or as court advisors and physicians.

With the edict of expulsion of 1492,Jews were faced with a stark choice: leave or convert to Catholicism. Some of these conversos continued to practice their tradition in hiding. Although most of the Jewish legacy was lost, one can revisit the rich culture and history while walking the streets where Jews once lived.

Once again, Jewish life blooms in Barcelona and other cities, with celebrations of Bar and Bat mitzvah, Shabbat and the High Holidays, Klezmer dancing or Ladino music, Hebrew study and new works of art.

Since 1997 Urban Cultours organizes Jewish tours in Barcelona as well as programs focused on past and present Jewish life and helps plan events with a Jewish accent for visitors from all over the world.

Urban Cultours project wants to add to the many initiatives that enrichen our culture and tradition, contributing with the continuity, development and promotion of Jewish identity.



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